Eco-Kite Festival

Tramore Valley EcoKite Festival 2024

Date & Time:
Saturday, June 15, 2024
12:00 pm
Tramore Valley Park

Make your own kites to fly!

Artists Amna Walayat and Kim-Ling Morris will be holding drop-in kite-making workshops between 12 and and 2pm with making materials provided.

  • Amna will show you how to make Indian kites that are traditionally used for kitefighting and for their Spring festival of Basant.
  • With Kim-Ling you will be painting fish designs onto recycled umbrella fabric to make into koinobori which are traditionally flown in Japan on their Children's day.

Children and vulnerable adults to be accomanied by a responsible adult.

The Ecokitefestival is supported by Cork City Council and Creative Ireland. Creative Ireland connects people, creativity and wellbeing. It is an all-of-government culture and wellbeing programme that inspires and transforms people, places and communities through creativity. For further information, go to

Amna Walayat has received many awards for her wry and colourful autobiographical paintings which are deeply influenced by the traditional style of her native Pakistan.

Kim-Ling's work is based on her interest in developing new ways of using old materials. With these materials as a starting point, she weaves in a sense of imagined histories.