Making Odd-Kin with LennonTaylor

A workshop from Create the National Development Agency for Collaborative Arts

Date & Time:
Friday, August 16, 2024
10:00 am
EcoLab, Tramore Valley Park

Create are delighted to announce ‘Making Odd-Kin’ a one day workshop with artists LennonTaylor, hosted by the KinShip project in Tramore Valley Park, Cork. This workshop will act as an exchange of thoughts, ideas and actions, for socially engaged artists and those from other related sectors who are interested in the call for creative social interactions....

Climate change is a systemic set of predicaments, which call on all disciplines, forms of knowledge and bearers of knowledge to work together.

How do we, as Donna Haraway suggests, “stay with the trouble” when doing so requires us to engage in unexpected collaborations and combinations, to make “odd-kin”, to become “with each other or not at all”? What shape is this kinship, where and whom do its lines connect and disconnect, and so what?

More information here

Note this event has been Postponed until 16th August.