Becoming Kin

The Becoming Kin citizen-led programme at Tramore Valley Park.

Becoming Kin is a Citizen Led Programme, which forms part of the KinShip Project, it invites engagement with communities whose voice and influence is crucial in addressing climate action. 

From 1964 to 2009, Tramore Valley Park was used as a landfill for Cork city.  Now a reclaimed former landfill site, it is home to the ongoing KinShip art project which offers artists and interested communities in Cork an opportunity to gather, and to respond creatively and critically to the ecological and climate action challenges we face today. The project is a space to alter our mindset about the relationship we have with the natural world and to address the legacy of ‘throw away’ culture.  

Taking a lead from the writer Donna Haraway, we are taking up the challenge to confront the reality of damaged places (such as Tramore Valley Park), acknowledging that many environments have already been irreversibly transformed due to human activities. Rather than turning away from these places or seeing them as lost causes, we are developing an ethics of response and responsibility.

Cork is home to an array of dynamic and diverse communities. This diversity of insight and experience has the potential to influence policy-making on climate change issues in the city. The Becoming Kin programme at Tramore Valley Park is an open call inviting people to host an outdoor walk, talk, workshop or demonstration and to share their knowledge, skills and knowhow.

As well as regular monthly events, weekend programmes have included, The Becoming Kin May Weekend, which marked World Biodiversity Day and The Becoming Kin Winter Weekend programme of citizen-led events.

See Whats on for upcoming events as well as an archive of previous events.

Please contact us if you'd like to know more, volunteer, or you or your community would like to be involved in the programme.