A draft working document of a Manifesto for the park was created in collaboration with the KinShip Working Group in November 2021.


  • All living beings are interdependent.
  • We believe in kinship, and in the reciprocal nature of relationships between humans and all other living beings.
  • We believe that Tramore Valley Park is a home for all living creatures and that we all have a commitment to thrive, replenish, heal, care for and develop this home together
  • We believe that we hold the atmosphere in our lungs, we believe that all species have the right to clean air.
  • We will nurture respect for the soil by telling the history of the Tramore Valley Park site as a landfill, how it has been repurposed to develop a new kind of park for the city
  • We will commit to partner and engage citizens in replenishing and nurturing the natural environment of the park
  • We aspire to pay attention, reclaim, reconfigure, remediate and inhabit new creative thinking to climate action and behavioral change
  • We aspire to remember that we have a shared ecological legacy of harm, and as humans we share a responsibility to be stewards of this legacy.
  • We aspire to promote a vision of Tramore Valley Park as a permeable space that lives in continuity with surrounding communities.
  • We will tread lightly, encouraging generous, inclusive and open heartedness exchanges.