Chickens Don’t Taste Spice

At its core, 'KinShip' represents a guiding philosophy for how we interact with the broader community of life. It focuses on combating the throw-away culture and preserving biodiversity. To visually explore these themes, the medium of collage was chosen—a playful approach with an inherent nature of reusing materials and craps of paper. This creative process is equal parts satisfying and messy, and it allows for limitless possibilities. The act of sourcing and selecting materials that were once discarded aligns with the positive and curious attitude embodied by the concept of 'KinShip.'

Disco Milk’s mission is to nurture a sense of community through the medium of print. With each carefully crafted page, they have created a scrapbook of stories, fostering an inclusive space to give a voice to all the species that coexist in the park and hope to create a communal gathering spot in print.
Embracing the tactile allure of print, 'Chickens Don’t Taste Spice' believes that the tangible nature of a zine instils a genuine sense of belonging in readers, forming a tangible bond that invites readers to rethink our role in the spaces we inhabit.

Coming from a background in graphic design, the artist's initial vision was to visually map and document the transformative work carried out in Tramore Valley Park while embracing the principle of "Form Follows Function." This design approach revolves around ensuring that the creation serves its intended purpose. In this case, the focus is on nurturing participation and community activation. The KinShip Manifesto guided the visual explorations within the zine, and the Irish wildflower seed paper acts as a reminder that we all have a part to play in this shared space.

The 'Chickens Don't Taste Spice' ZINE is wrapped in a native wild flower seed impregnated hand made paper.

The limited edition (50 editions) Zine is exchanged with anyone who agrees to:

(a) Read the zine

(b)  Plant the seed paper wrapper and grow the Irish native wild flowers.

(c) Photograph/document and share this process with KinShip and DiscoMilk as an act of exchange.

The Zine is available on Oct 4th '23 at the Staying with the Trouble symposium at the James Barry Exhibition Centre, MTU, Bishopstown campus, Cork.