Midden Chronicles

The Midden Chronicles Map, highlights a selection from the KinShip project archive.

Over the duration of the KinShip project an archive mapping the project is being generated by LennonTaylor, it currently forms a document of over 300 pages. This document archives all meetings, conversations, agreements, contestations, small decisions and larger initiatives such as the creation of open calls for an International Architectural Design Competition; the EcoLab, or the Open call and negotiations for the Becoming Kin citizen-led programme.

The Midden Chronicles Map, highlights a selection from the archive.  It is a momentary snapshot of the multifaceted and complex inter-relational nature of social art practice.  The map chronicles the day to day workings and mechanisms of this large scale public project with growing partners and collaborators, it tracks the points of contact and decision making processes. The map is a record of the collective and contributory nature of all aspects of the KinShip project, as well as an illustration of the creative, physical, and cross-disciplinary, effort given by all contributors, collaborators and partners