Deciduous, Soniferous

Anthem Composition: Deciduous, Soniferous

Artist Jesse Hallaway has composed an 'anthem' for Tramore Valley Park, Deciduous, Soniferous, in collaboration with plants in the park.

Deciduous refers to the Alder tree atop “The dome” in Tramore valley park. Soniferous meaning to produce or convey sound. This "Anthem" for Tramore Valley Park is a composition using data gathered from plant life within the park. This data was transformed into midi notes, a visual score and unquantized straight into a hardware synthesiser. This was arranged and mixed in the studio.

Recordings were also made of the soundscape within the park, such as the bird life, the weather and human interaction with the park.

These recordings were made by the artist into a playable instrument, allowing the plant life of the park to "play" the sounds of the park.

This composition is an attempt to give away some of the agency of the compositional process, allowing other species a chance to take part, not as the passive inspiration but as collaborators.

Over his time spent in Tramore Valley Park with the KinShip project, Jesse ran a digital composition workshop, hosted by The Guesthouse along with public performances in the park as part of the Becoming Kin programme.

Anthem Composition, Artists Score