XR Eco+

XR Eco+, is a Virtual Reality sculpture using mixed realities to map stories of the park through the lens of rhythm.

XR Eco+, is a Virtual Reality sculpture created in response to Tramore Valley Park by artist Ann Burns using the framework of rhythmanalysis.

Simply put, rhythmanalysis asks us to notice patterns and repetitions in everyday life as these occur and change over time and space.

In paying attention to these patterns, new perspectives are revealed. Rhythmanalysis helps the artist to uncover how places are inhabited, remembered, imagined and how rhythm shapes the way we experience a place.

During her artist placement with KinShip Ann ran workshops, interviewed people visiting the park, as well as people who had a long association with the locality. Slowly over several months she captured a variety of research materials through digital recordings. The outcome is an exploration of voiced recollections, soundscapes and digitally rendered three dimensional drawings. The artwork uses mixed realities to create new stories and perspectives on the park through the lens of rhythm.

The XR Eco+ virtual reality sculpture is experienced using a VR headset. Wearing the headset the viewer hears the artists soundtrack created from interviews and recordings from Tramore Valley Park. The wearer finds themselves in the centre of animated sculpture that they can move through.

The XR Eco+ artwork will be accessible at the KinShip Tentacular Thinking Exhibition at the MTU James Barry Exhibition Centre, Bishopstown, Cork from Sept 4th to Oct 6th, 2023.